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Is collecting sales data cumbersome or inefficient?

Guesst introduces a new generation of sales intelligence—immediate, integrated, and insightful. Gain detailed a view into your tenants’ sales performance.

The Guesst platform provides my team with valuable insights into daily sales. As a result of having this data, we are able to be very selective when choosing the right new merchants for a center, and better gauge the effectiveness of our merchandising and marketing strategies.

Lori McGee-Curtis
Vice President of Specialty Leasing, Taubman

We rely on Guesst Autopay to collect rent in our food halls. Our merchants love it because they are able to pay in small increments every day. We love it because the percentage rent is calculated daily and we have the option to get paid daily, weekly or monthly.

Eldon Scott
CEO Urbanspace

Guesst sales data and analytics help us recognize how our tenants are performing in any given period. This real-time snapshot enables us as landlord to help tenants build stronger strategies for success. Having a transparent, performance-based relationship benefits both the landlord and tenant.

Dana Feltner
Assistant Analyst & Vice President Support, Specialty Leasing, Taubman

We are using the Guesst platform with our permanent tenants, without a percentage rent component. It is amazing how it helps us understand our assets, even with sales data from just one tenant in a shopping center.

Josh Goldberg
Principal Goldberg Group

Is it difficult to assemble and organize sales data?

With Guesst, it's easy! We automate sales reporting and simplify analytics for you. Experience the power of all of your data accessible and ready for action.

Guesst has been instrumental for emerging brands like mine by creatively leveraging technology that allows business owners and property owners to essentially become partners. The Guesst platform allows minority-owned businesses a fair chance at realizing growth without the traditional limitations.

Bobby Morelli
Founder The Hot Dog Box

The Guesst platform has saved the Impossible Kicks team plenty of time by streamlining our monthly sales reporting process. The Guesst team is always extremely quick to respond to any inquiries and they are very attentive. I would certainly recommend Guesst to other companies with multiple retail locations.

Chad Taylor
CPA Impossible Kicks

If you are a small business owner looking to test a physical retail space, I highly recommend going to GuesstList to find a great opportunity with flexible terms. I wish Guesst much success in its efforts to connect people to places.

Lecretia Akines
Founder Dawning Day Creations

As an emerging brand, Guesst helped me move into brick-and-mortar retail by removing many traditional risks associated with commercial leases, from identifying opportunities to understanding deal terms upfront.

Monet Duke
Founder & CEO Urbanly Chic

Creative leasing tailored to you

Take advantage of flexible terms based on actual sales data

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First three months

rent only

First month


Next month

Base rent plus percentage rent

Three months

Base rent + percentage of sales over a breakpoint

Translating retail sales intelligence into practical next steps

With Guesst, you can seamlessly analyze sales data with our interactive dashboard, ensuring smooth operations for property owners and merchants —truly a win-win solution.

Sales transactions
Sales transactions
Receive actual sales
transactions in real-time
Sales reporting
Sales reporting
Streamline and automate
sales reporting
Automated rent calculations
Automated rent calculations
Calculate percentage rent
based on lease terms
Automated rent payments
Automated rent payments
Deliver percentage rent
daily or monthly
Flexible terms
Flexible terms
Offer flexible terms that can
change seasonally
Marketing insights
Marketing insights
Drive traffic to properties
when it's needed most

Instant Analytics

Comprehensive comparisons, trends, and  transaction details — all in real-time.

Retail Sales Data

Actual sales data from POS systems and direct sales upload -- transform your data into actionable insights.

Automated Payments

Streamlined rent payments and document sharing through our tenant portal.

Expedite rent collection and payments

We accelerate and automate variable rent payments - helping merchants and property owners manage cash flow

Daily collection of % rent based on the actual sales data Guesst provides

Daily or monthly delivery of % rent from our payment processor partner

We connect merchants to available properties

GuesstList is where merchants meet property owners offering creative leases. GuesstList is powered by Guesst Software

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