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Guesst provides the essential infrastructure for pop-ups, short-term and speciality leasing

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Merchants — reduce risk and paperwork

The data and analytics that Guesst provides helps your property owner target  marketing efforts and help your business thrive. When you use Guesst to report your sales, you save the time and hassle of reporting sales manually — you get more time to focus on your business!

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Property Owners —  
Sign more leases

Sign more deals by using Guesst. Make managing multiple creative leases as easy as checking your email. Gain detailed insight into your tenants' performance; this will let you share the risk, and ultimately, the reward.

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Creative leasing tailored to you

Take advantage of flexible terms based on actual sales data

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Three months

Base rent + % of sales over a breakpoint

First month


Next month

Base rent plus % rent

First three months

Percentage rent only

A technology-driven solution for the next generation of retail

Our technology addresses the pain-points of creative leasing, including lead generation, reliable sales reporting and rent payments

Sales transactions
Sales transactions
Receive actual sales
transactions in real-time
Sales reporting
Sales reporting
Streamline and automate
sales reporting
Automated rent calculations
Automated rent calculations
Calculate percentage rent
based on lease terms
Automated rent payments
Automated rent payments
Deliver percentage rent
daily or monthly
Flexible terms
Flexible terms
Offer flexible terms that can
change seasonally.
Marketing insights
Marketing insights
Drive traffic to properties
when it's needed most

Lead Generation

Performance-based rent opportunities supported by software.

Performance Data

Automated sales reporting and strategic analytics

Rent Payment

Daily collection of percentage rent based on the actual sales data.

Expedite rent collection and payments

We accelerate and automate variable rent payments - helping merchants and property owners manage cash flow

Daily collection of % rent based on the actual sales data Guesst provides

Daily or monthly delivery of % rent from our payment processor partner

We connect merchants to available properties

GuesstList is where merchants meet property owners offering creative leases. Guesst has partnered with Shopify to bring eCommerce brands to physical retail. GuesstList works in conjunction with the Guesst Platform.

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What people are saying about us

The Guesst platform has saved the Impossible Kicks team plenty of time by streamlining our monthly sales reporting process.The Guesst team is very responsive whenever anything needs to be researched. I would certainly recommend Guesst to other companies with multiple retail locations.

Chad Taylor, CPA
Impossible Kicks
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We gave big breaks in March 2020 - now many of our tenants are back to paying their original rent. That only happened because we had access to their sales performance.

Josh Goldberg
Principal, Goldberg Group
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In my 23 years as a broker, I have never seen a platform like Guesst. It’s the first of its kind. It will help my clients to lease space and understand how their tenants are performing.

Steven J. Siegel
Senior MD, IPA (Marcus & Millichap)
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The Guesst platform has provided Specialty Leasing with daily licensee sales information that enables better long-term decision-making related to RMU, Kiosk and inline merchants.

Lori Mcghee
VP of Speciality Leasing, Taubman
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We rely on Guesst Autopay to collect rent in all of our food halls. Our merchants love it because they are able to pay in small increments every day. And we love it because the percentage rent is calculated daily and paid daily.

Eldon Scott
CEO Urbanspace
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As an emerging brand, GuesstList helped me move into brick-and-mortar retail by removing many traditional risks associated with commercial leases. From finding locations to understanding deal terms.

Monet Duke-Agbenyadzi
CEO Urbanly Chic
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If you are a small business owner looking to test the waters of retail, I highly recommend giving GuesstList a try. I wish Guesst much success in its efforts for connecting people to places.

Lecretia Akins
Founder, Dawning Day Creation
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We integrate with the leading cloud-based POS systems. If you are interested in learning more, click the logo below. If you are interested in learning more, click the logo below.

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